Green Technologies

New inventions on green technologies have been emerging in recent times. This new inventions are aimed at promoting distribution and implementation of sources of renewable energy. To avoid human activity when carrying out the process of installation of this technology of installing solar panels, robots were introduced. They are expected to help in the construction of solar farms. Green technology saves power costs and it is aimed at conserving the world. They are known for providing environmentally friendly products. It is said to focus on waste, clothing, cleaning products, energy sources and inventions.

They play an important role in changing waste and production patterns. It is aimed at eradicating the methods of waste and production that causes environmental harm. They do so by creating ways for producing the same result but in a way that it is beneficial to the environment. Green technology is all about innovation. It is all about coming up with a technology that does not have a harmful effect on the environment and the people surrounding it. It is about coming up with friendly sources of energy such as solar power. Green nanotechnology is the most innovative section and it means the use of green engineering and green chemistry in perfecting the notion of embracing green.

Green technology was also introduced to cut down the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. The use of it makes environmental sense. They use the same functionality like the traditional technology the only difference being the fact that they guarantee a safer environment. When they are not in use, green technology switches are said to automatically shut down. They do the same work as traditional technology, they cost less and they last longer. The energy that is offered by green technology is clean.

The use of green technology is based on the following principle. First instead of cleaning up waste it is best to prevent it. It is based on the proverb “prevention is better than cure.” Secondly, to maximize incorporation of materials in processing the final product there should be a design on the synthetic method. There should be a design of the synthetic methodologies so as to generate substances which do not possess toxicity or have little toxicity to the health of human beings or to the environment.

Humans have been harnessing solar energy for a long time. Solar energy alongside hydroelectricity, biomass and wind are some of the available renewable energy. Solar energy has been grouped into active solar and passive solar. There are clamps for holding solar collectors on roof. The clamp has a pedestal. The pedestal are said to have two parts which an interconnecting wall interconnects them. The clamp top and the clamp base is the space that defines the solar collector’s head. At the clamp base’s bottom part there are many feet in a barrel tile application. Before installing a solar panel it is important that one should have a basic understanding as to how they are done.

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Veteran Green Technology Careers

Military service men and women are known for their patriotic disposition. Their loyalty and love for the country is commendable. That is why when they become veterans, most of them look for civilian jobs that serve the country in whatever field. Most of these veterans do not care whether they end up working for a government agency, a private institution or a nonprofit organization. Many of them end up working for institutions that support green technology. What is a green technology? Why do a lot of veterans want to have a job that involves this concept? What kind of jobs that a green technology company or institution offers?

In the USA, one of the most stable industries as of today is the green industry. This growing industry is predicted to provide around 40 million jobs in the year 2030. When President Barack Obama set his goal of producing an energy-efficient country, it raised the amount of workers needed to realize this goal. Thus, a lot of veterans and normal civilians were offered the opportunity to train and work for the realization of the said project.

Since a green job is focused on serving the country by ensuring an environmentally and sustainable lifestyle and place for everyone to live, a lot of veterans might want to take the opportunity to contribute more to the country. Aside from the fact that these green jobs provide an outlet for veterans to contribute more to the society, it is also stable and secure. Thus, veterans could earn and work for a worthwhile endeavor.

A green job is not for everyone; it requires dedication and leadership. That is why veterans are suitable for the position of managing a project or assisting in a project. Since veterans are well versed and easy to teach, training them would be easier for green technology employers. A veteran’s experience in the field can also contribute to the learning process of those people who aim to train as a company employee.

One of the most popular green jobs is the Green tech consultants. They provide information to consumers and manufacturers about the different effects of a certain process to the environment. A veteran who has worked with third world countries will know how much damage a step in a manufacturing process can do if it does not follow a green procedure.

Veterans are capable of clearly explaining to consumers and manufacturers the importance of following a green process procedure. Aside from consultant jobs, a veteran can also opt to challenge the job of a green educator and public relations manager. They can provide information about products that man can use and how it can impact the world environmentally. As an educator, they can challenge a lot of individuals to help save the environment using sustainable products, processes and services.

Since most veterans are known to be dedicated, they can effectively influence a lot of people to change their ways and promote green technology to a wider audience. There are different jobs and career paths for veterans and a green career might be good for those who value service to the country the most.

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How to Transition to Green Technology and Save a Fortune

In today’s tough economy there are many tough decisions to make. It’s nice to know that major innovations like Green IT are around to combine eco-friendly products with dollar-friendly solutions that generate a much smaller carbon footprint. Green IT is a revolutionary concept that addresses all of the environmental needs of today with much more efficient technology systems that require less energy and produce less waste than their predecessors. Though there have been concerns that moving to a green state of mind would result in a global financial crisis, a lot of companies are finding that they actually save a great deal more money by implementing green IT / technologies rather than lose money! Everybody wins.

Highmark Inc. is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country, but recently some developments have put the company on the environmental advocate list. A few years ago, Highmark decided to upgrade from the 24,000 square foot data center that it was residing in and upgrade to one that was more than three times the size. The company chose to do so through the utilization of green computing. With the assistance of server virtualization and green IT HVAC systems, Highmark has been able to use the same energy to power the new office as it did the old one, even after the size differenc. The building utilizes recycled materials and water collection systems as well to ensure that the company is doing all it can to lessen its eco-footprint.

Wachovia Corp is also trying to adapt to the green computing world. By replacing the computer systems within their data center, Wachovia has teamed up with green IT designers to create a more effective system of technology that has reduced the costs of construction by more than $80,000. Wachovia plans to implement environmentally friendly solutions so that they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10% in the next few years. They plan to expand their green efforts to all of their data centers in the future, including the use of energy-efficient cooling systems and power reduction tactics.

As might be expected, the World Wildlife Foundation has also joined in the pursuit for a better ecosystem through the use of green computing. They have fostered efforts to save the environment for over 40 years, and the more efficient use of green IT simply became the next step in their legacy. The WWF has utilized virtualization software and blade servers to minimize their energy use and increase the amount of money they save. The WWF tries to stay ahead of the eco-friendly world anyways as their goal has been and always will be to preserve the environment at any cost. It just so happens that green technology is a savings, and not a cost at all.

One company that was well ahead of the green computing bandwagon was First National of Nebraska Inc. Back in 1999, the company began their quest for environmental efficiency by implementing the first data center to ever be powered completely by fuel cell technology. Unbelievably, that change alone helped save the company over $100 million, and they still aren’t done with improvements. First National of Nebraska Inc. plans to launch massively-scaled consolidation of servers within various data centers, in full compliance with Green IT ideals. They expect to save the firm an additional $19 million in server / infrastructure costs.

Austin Energy is no stranger to green computing either as the company has employed energy efficient solutions for more than 20 years now. As part of Austin Energy’s green IT goals, the company plans to employ new server technology and compression techniques within its data center to save over 40% of their energy costs in the future. Currently, the company has an automated electricity system that distributes and regulates the energy used by the center to create maximum efficiency throughout the day. This $1.2 billion dollar energy plant is well ahead of others in the field, and the staff doesn’t plan on letting that reputation fade any time soon.

Ryder System Inc. focuses on “environmental ethics” to motivate the staff and other companies in the area to become eco-friendly. In 2006 alone, the company cut its energy costs by more than 15% through the use of green IT, and they have continued to expand their energy savings ever since. Recently the company built a new data center which is expected to save more that 6.5 million BTUs every year. That equates to more than 1,400 pounds of greenhouse gases that aren’t going to be released into the atmosphere from the company. This data center utilizes green computing and also allows for less office space, which in turn yields a much smaller carbon footprint. Ryder System gets to save some green while going green – all at the same time.

The Monsanto Co. in Missouri is also moving toward a better state of environment with the development of its latest data center. The new center was built with the use of green computing and is fully eco-friendly from floor to ceiling. The center uses materials that are strong enough to withstand the blow of an F3 tornado, and it has window’s that can block out more than 60% of the sun’s rays. This helps reduce the cost of cooling required for the company, which in turn lessens the energy used. Over the past ten years, the firm has implemented theories behind Green IT to consolidate more than ten data centers across the country. Their efforts have been furthered by the use of server consolidation and virtualization, and the company plans to continue their efforts to keep up with technological advancements that continue to arise on a daily basis.

Perkins+Will Inc. has striven for a sustainable work space for decades, and when the concept of green computing presented itself, the company gladly decided to hop on board. Every office under the Peter+Will name has its own group of environmental watchdogs (typically called the green team) which monitors the energy use, water use, air quality and more in the building to ensure that the company is doing all that it can to keep usage and costs to a minimum. Aside from the visualization strategies employed by the company, Perkins+Will has started requiring their employees to turn off their computers every night, which has drastically cut costs in electricity and energy needed to keep the firm going.

Discovery Communications LLC is responsible for environmental TV networks like the Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet, but the company has done much for the environment than provide human entertainment about it. As part of its green IT plan, the company keeps regular track of the uses of its server, network and storage equipment to ensure that energy is employed in the best way possible. Discovery Communications LLC has saved more than 20% of its energy use since it was re-designed to fit with green computing, and it is expanding its saving to other areas as well, including the local headquarters where energy has been reduced by more than 27%.

Overall, green IT has had an amazing impact on the way that companies save money and energy, and there’s hope for great expansion of green theories to come in the near future. Though efforts did seem slow at first, the larger companies have started to inspire even the smallest of local businesses to cut costs, consolidate, and change for the better. As developments continue to arise in the study of green computing, the world should see nothing but growth in eco-friendly solutions for the future. Green IT is more than just a business fad. It’s the first step toward a better world for us all, and there’s no telling what’s in store for the future generations to enjoy.

Jack Lesley is currently CEO of Houston-based Secure-Firm [], an IT consulting firm with a focus on Legal IT. He has over 22 years experience in the information technology industry.

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Green Technologies In A Nutshell

Technology refers to the utilization of knowledge for purposes that are more practical. Green technology is a field that comprises a budding group of methods as well as materials, from the methods that are used for generating energy to cleaning products that are not toxic.

There are great expectations of this field bringing innovations and also changes to our daily lives just as it has been the case with information technology over the last two decades. As of right now, it is not easy to predict what green technologies may eventually encompass.

Some of the goals that have enabled developments in the green technology field, which happens to be growing very fast, include the following:

1. The needs of the society will be met in ways that can be still utilized in future without causing damage to the natural resources or depleting them. What this implies is that green technology will bring about sustainability by allowing the current needs to be met without exhausting the resources for the coming generations.

2. Products that can be fully reused or reclaimed will be created, and as result putting an end to the cradle to grave cycle of the manufactured products.

3. Patterns of production as well as consumption will be changed, and that will reduce wastes as well as pollution.

4. There will be alternatives to technologies that cause adverse effect to the health of people and damage the environment.

5. Economic activities will be centered on products and technologies that are beneficial to the environment, which will in turn lead to creation of new careers that are not harmful to the planet.

The following are some of the subject areas in the field of green technology:

1. Energy
Energy happens to be one of the most urgent issues in green technology. It encompasses the creation of new ways of generating energy as well as energy efficiency, and the means by which alternative fuels can be developed.

2. Green building
This is an area that focuses on the usage of environment friendly materials for building houses and also ensures that the location of the building does not harm the environment.

3. Doing purchases that are environmentally preferred
The government innovation usually involves looking for those products that have been using contents and methods that are harmless to the environment. The government mandates that such products should be the preferred ones for government purchasing.

4. Green chemistry
Green chemistry refers to the creation, design as well as application of chemical products that are harmless to the environment, and also processes that are meant to decrease or get rid of the use as well as generation of substances that are hazardous.

5. Sewage treatment
When sewage is treated, it makes water in which it is released less polluted, and therefore allowing the water to be used affluently in a productive manner.

There are careers that are known to be green careers.

Some of them include Energy Auditor, Green Cleaner, Program Manager, Client Services Representative, just to mention a few. Basically, if your line of work falls in the green technology field or it is friendly to the environment, it qualifies to be a green career.

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March of the Green Technology

Technology has been defined in several ways. The simplest is the knowledge of using tools and techniques to improve the working condition, organizational management and artistic perspective in order to improve the efficiency of product, machine or human efforts. The primitive man is known for intelligent use of stone to convert it into weapon and shelter houses. The use of animal skin and bark of trees for covering body was a step towards fabric technology. The knowledge of technology to control the fire radically changed the status of man learning to add new items in his food menu and getting warmth in a cold climate. The wheel has brought us to the present state of global conveyance Flinging of leg bones into the space after a good and hefty meal inspired space odyssey. Information technology spear headed by internet has its origin in smoke signals and more recently to printing presses. Now we have industrial, educational, information, medical, visual, micro, nano, and domestic technology to name a few.

Technology is not singularly applied by human kind to give impetus to his objectives. The animals and birds have also excelled in carving out technological wonders comparable and sometimes better than us. The nest of the weaving birds, signals from dolphins, breaking of coconut shells by monkeys, domestic technology of ants, technology of descent from an acute slope by elephants, migration of birds to places akin to their need and requirements, waiting for air to become hot before taking to a flight by kites and other heavy size birds and dropping of stone pallets to raise the water level in a narrow necked pitcher by crows are some to refresh the memory. Look towards the sky in the evening. You shall find ducks flying in inverted V formation, giving others the advantage of vacuum and stream line motion.

There is a difference in how the primates of yester years behaved, how animals and birds around us make use of the technology and how we are using it. The difference is great. Their efforts were and are always in improving their living condition compatible to the environment. Our efforts are diversified in many ways. Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly. Lately, with the onset of industrial revolution, we have mostly added to pollution load of the environment or developed weapons of mass destruction. Technology which used to improve machine efficiency has focused its attention to human efficiency. We call it productivity. We pretend to exploit it as outsourcing. Green technology had no option but to introduce it and take charge of the entire state of affairs created by the human kind.

Green technology targets for an appropriate, equitable and sustainable environment by interlacing all known technologies and human involvement with environmental science to conserve and upgrade the environment and bringing it back to the quality available some 300 years back. Green technology could be termed as a refinement in the available technology in as much as, it helps in managing pollution of all kinds in such a way that these turn out to be ecological and economically friendly.

Technologies that are green are rated by their carbon footprints. A competitive and successful green technology has a low set of greenhouse gas emissions from persons, product, process, event or organization. There are two ways to achieve the objective. The first which may be termed as green acts, is to recycle the waste, reuse through reconditioning and other alternatives, reduce resource consumption and to conserve available natural resources. The second which is creating a green conditions, is to evolve technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions thus reducing carbon footprint. These measures have proven effect on global warming reduction.

The first category of green technology is to encourage and redefine the conventional ways of keeping carbon footprints at a low level. These are recycling and its extension to water and air purification, solid waste treatment including sewage treatment.

Recycling defines environment by conservation at its best. Used materials generally thrown as waste is recycled into new products. Composting is an age old concept of recycling green waste into manure. Recycling plastic waste into new plastic products is most prevalent now. Recycling reduces fresh raw material consumption by utilizing middling and scraps. It reduces wastage of energy that is required to convert fresh raw material into end products It reduces air pollution as waste is now recycled instead of incineration. It reduces water pollution as there is less land filling thus reducing leachate reaching water bodies.

Waste water is purified by chemical, mechanical and biological processes to convert it into drinking and other usage. Air is purified both in industries as well as places of human habitation in closed spaces. Industrial air pollutant such as Sulfur oxides gives back Sulfuric acid, particulates such as fire ash is converted into cement and bricks. Solid waste generation from human habitat is segregated into bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable waste. Bio-degradable waste is composted into manure and bio-fuel. Non-bio-degradable waste is further separated into metal, glass, plastic etc. The first three are used as intermediate raw material and recycled into the production pipeline to get useful products. Hazardous waste materials are suitably treated to non-hazardous entity and then most of these are also recycled. Sewage treatment has acquired a state of the art technology. It is treated to make it free from parasites, bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. Treated solid waste is used as manure and the treated waste water is either used for irrigation or further treated to make it fit for domestic use.

Green technology that creates and sustains green condition has focused its attention primarily on renewable energy resources. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, tidal, nuclear and geothermal have been identified as having minimum greenhouse gas emission and has tremendous potential to replace the conventional energy providers such as fossil fuel and petroleum. The latter are non renewable energy resources that are major pollutants and major reasons for greenhouse gas emissions.

Green products are a category in itself as it has both the properties of reducing greenhouse gases and replacing highly polluting non-renewable energy resources. Fuel cells are one example. It eliminates air pollution from automobiles and it replaces hydrocarbon fuel. Plastic cement manufactured from waste plastic bottles is another example. This product takes less energy for its preparation than the conventional cement manufactured from iron slag, lime and sand. Moreover, this plastic cement has more permeability and hence can breathe better. Rain water can filter through surfaces prepared from it and hence enrich the water table beneath.

These days, market is getting flooded with toxic plastic toys which are highly injurious to the delicate and tender toddlers. These are being replaced by toys made from recycled plastic bottles. The latest innovation in this segment is fabric made from used plastic bottles material. Dress material for Cricket India members are made from this fabric.

Green technology is catching fast the computer software segment too. Now there is software which shall alarm you from wastage of electricity while you are in your home or at the other side of the globe.

There has been a lame excuse floating around that shifting to green technology requires too much research and development and the cost of implementation is very high. It may be appropriate for some such endeavors such as technology for geothermal energy usage. It is also argued that it takes lot of time to break even. Here, people fail to compare such logic with technologies that are in use and later revised to green technology. An instance in case is the steam engine which saw transition to diesel engine and now almost replaced by electric engines and in near future with electromagnetic induction forces and magnetic forces. A time cycle would show that invention and commissioning of coal driven steam engine took a far longer maturing time than electric engine or the future versions. All such transformations are far too profit friendly. Break-even time has also been quite low.

You may expect wonders in the future with the advent of nano technology. Imagine a chip grafted in your brain to replace computers which are one of the major consumers of electric energy and are generating huge electronic waste. You should start dreaming of recharging your space vehicle with universally available solar energy replacing high cost, highly pollutant and heavy weight, cryogenic fuel. You may have the pleasure of travelling in identified flying objects to several light year distant part of the universe.

Green technology is marching towards a future that has a future.

PN Singh

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